Reptiles and Habitats

Keep reading to find out more information on all the living things found on this planet. You should have seen the look on Garfield’s face when I told him I was writing an article about reptiles! He quickly exposed this top secret list of reptilian trivia to get my juices flowing.

You were probably not aware of how many continents you can find reptiles on. You have lived far too long in the shadow of ignorance. The answer is 6. You know why not all 7? Antarctica is way too cold!

If you ever wondered why you never see an iguana or turtles running around your backyard in December in Canada, youíre probably not privy to the fact that reptiles like warm climates where they can hang out and look as cool as an alligator with sunglasses.

Reptiles live for so long that it’s possible one has witnessed the end of the civil war and also the election of the first Bearded Dragon. Let me make you acutely aware of the fact that turtles can live for as long as 160 years. Thatís enough time to travel 160 light years if you were traveling at the speed of light! Are you an alligator? If you are, you can expect to receive social security for 5 years because your life expectancy is about 70 years! The ball python is a popular pet and for good reason, it lives for 40 years. People who suffer from trauma when their pets die should consider the ball python as an alternative to a dogs, cast, Parrots, or mongeese.

Snakes are some of the most misunderstood creatures on the planet and if they just had a convenient forum to voice their point of view, perhaps you would think differently of them. Only 35 or so species of snake is poisonous to humans.

Truly, there are a significant amount of people who fall to their undesirable destiny by snake bites than anything else.Sometime this is not really the case, however, in other countries.

There is an abundance of venom carrying reptiles in the southern countries, as opposed to the northern. Some countries are even worse than others. Iíve found that there are specific parts of these countries that are incredibly dangerous.

Some snakes are great at not eating for long periods of time.The biggest snakes donít digest very rapidly at all.Slow digestion is the reason primarily for not eating.

Even though a lot of people say cold blooded, it’s not particularly the most accurate description of reptiles.They actually just get heat externally, rather than internally. However, they can’t naturally warm up like people do.

The Iguana species have tongues that they flick out of their head. Even though snakes have holes for a nose, they donít use it. Scent particles flying through the air get caught by their tongue. Even though itís strange, their tongues are very useful when the can taste a nearby food source.

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